AD66BSLF Large Flange Black Rivets


ABS66L Large head BLACK Aluminum & Steel 3/16″ diameter rivets. Sold in quantities of 250 pieces. Click on picture for more information and to select quantity. Made in USA.


AD66BSLF Large Flange Black Rivets

Aluminum rivet with Steel mandrel: 3/16″ diameter x 3/8″ grip

These AD66BSLF Large Flange Black Rivets have a 3/16″ aluminum rivet body with a steel mandrel. Also known as part number ABS66L Black they are one of the most popular rivets used in the Motorsports and recreational vehicle industries. AD66BSLF Large Flange Black Rivets are part of our made in USA open end blind rivets family. As the manufacturer, the entire process takes place in Connecticut assuring the optimum performance and quality. The AD66BSLF Large Flange Black Rivets are formed from solid aircraft grade high alloy aluminum and steel wires within our expansive facility. The rivet body is painted with a durable epoxy based black semi-gloss finish. It is then mated and assembled with it’s matching high alloy steel nail to complete the product. As one of the few manufacturers operating in the United States we can provide lot tracking, manufacturing and material certifications. Our quality is superb and we offer thousands of customer feedback comments to the public. Our customer approval rating has been a perfect 100% for many years.

AD66BSLF Large Flange Black Rivets feature a large, (about 5/8-inch diameter) head that provides plenty of surface contact with the material on which you’re working. This is especially important when utilizing these rivets for clamping large sized components. Large Flange rivets can be spaced a little further apart as their extra bearing surface on the finish side component may allow for fewer rivets used.

Recommended application conditions: 1) The application hole sizes of 0.192 to 0.196 inches can be attained by using a #11 drill bit size.2) The application thickness between 1/4″ to 3/8″ will allow optimum performance. You can expect about 1000 pounds of clamping force when setting this rivet. Once these rivets are used in the recommended application conditions you can expect tightly clamped components with extended durability rivets. The Black epoxy based semi-gloss finish will provide a visually appealing appearance as well as a scratch resistant surface.

As will all items made by aDP Rivet, AD66BSLF Large Flange Black Rivets are produced right here in the United States by a company not shy about waving the flag and constantly striving to deliver the very highest quality product possible at a fair price that our customers will appreciate.

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