Reviews of blind rivets installation

The following blind rivets installation reviews are compiled from well over three thousand customers who have used our products. The comments can be found on this manufactures feedback page. Customer comments are important when considering how rivets perform in actual customer applications. Achieving a near perfect rating would provide potential customers some comfort when ordering products. This US manufacturer consistently ranks at the top with it’s 100% approval rating based on thousands of customer surveys.

Blind rivets installation reviews are gathered from customers all around the USA. From industrial applications like sheet metal fastening to homeowner appliances. The reason blind rivet application reviews are abundant and endless. Blind rivets installation are one of, if not the lowest cost, easiest to install fasteners available. This page is devoted to displaying real life blind rivet installation reviews. For more information on how rivets work, visit our how to use blind rivets page. The page offers comparisons of different types of rivets and suggest how the blind rivets installations will perform.

Many of our clients have even posted video reviews on our Facebook page like the one to the right!

Hoffee case

Hoffee Music Supply makes carbon fiber music cases and will only use aDP Rivets to hold the hardware, latches, handles on his cases. All of these cases must pass a series of extreme durability testing. The Robust features of our Ultimate blind rivets continue to hold tight in this blind rivets installation. Click on the case photo for a demonstration of the durability testing.

Scan Circle Track 09 car

Circle track racers enjoy the peace of mind when aDP’s Ultimate blind rivets installation are utilized. Click on the picture and listen to a Father who views his son racing at almost 200 MPH in the car they build and maintain. Numerous blind rivets installation applications can be found in the motor sports industry.

zookeeper pvc

Custom blind rivets installation for unique applications can be easily accomplished when you are manufacturing here in the US and can discuss and exchange project details. This product made of unique PVC materials is subjected to the harsh underwater environment with safety being a major concern for the divers. Poor quality rivets with protruding sharp nails is a major concern. That’s why this manufacturer uses our made in USA rivets with the assurance they’ll work right the first time and have the durability to withstand the environmental concerns.

old wood sign

The beauty of old world signs is held together with our colored rivets. These signs are made to last and our Ultimate multi grip blind rivets hold them together.. Click on photo for our black painted multi grip blind rivets in action riveting these sign frames. Old wood signs are made in USA and their operations manager is impressed with the 100% reliability of our colored rivets. The sign industry is another where blind rivets installation is a commonly used fastener.

TJ race car

Veteran grass roots race team builds and repairs their cars with aDP Rivets. Click on race car photo for driver TJ Henry’s hands on demonstration of how well aDP’s Ultimate multi-grip rivets perform. TJ also uses aDP’s Ultimate Exploding Peel blind rivets because they pull multiple sheets tightly together much
better than other brands. The transportation industry is full of blind rivet applications and the Ultimate multi grip rivets often are the fastener of choice.

The next blind rivets installation exhibits another extreme condition where the Ultimate blind rivets installation outperformed all other brands to gain their way into the trailer building market. The Sign Tow mobile marketing team was so impressed with our blind rivets installation and performance they offered the following letter

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