Exploding Peel Rivets made in USA

Exploding Peel Rivets get their name from the positive customer feedback and their descriptions of how well our rivets perform. When installed, the back or blind side of these rivets “explodes” into four pedals and pulls application layers tightly together while it peels and clamps. The customer feedback identified the top three advantages our exploding peel rivets have over other brands. Here are the key performance enhancements our Exploding Peel Rivets provide: 1) Powerful 1,000 pounds of clamping force to hold your application securely in place. 2) Our rivets begin peeling from the extreme end of the rivet, which provides the extra long grip range, up to 9/16″ thickness. 3) 

Our rivets feature a “one size rivets all” grip range from 1/8″ to 9/16″, which can replace up to 3 sizes of other brand exploding rivets.  
Our customer reviews of our Exploding peel rivets against other brands continues to award our products 100% satisfaction levels. With almost four thousand reviews recorded, our ratings continue to be near perfect with a consistent 100% score. Exploding peel rivets are available in 3/16″ diameter with both regular dome head and the popular Large (about 5/8″) diameter head for more surface coverage. We offer our Exploding Peel Rivets in an assortment of colors and finishes. These exploding peel rivets are great for pulling multiple layers or sheets tightly together with their outstanding clamping power. Over-sized holes are no problem for our exploding peel rivets as they fill holes up to 1/4″ and don’t require back up washers. Exploding peel rivets are widely used where ever multiple layers of sheet metals need to be fastened. Exploding Peel Rivets are often used by motorsports chassis builders to pull and hold panels tight. Exploding peel rivets are used for race car body building and repairs as they are very user friendly and fill over-sized holes. Trailer manufacturers use exploding peel rivets to hold panels and attachments to the frame. Many Builders and repair shops love the painted colors our exploding peel rivets come in for sheet metal, and colored aluminum sheet fastening. Our exploding peel rivets are referred to as the best rivets for building Dirt Track racing bodies because of their strong clamp and holding power. Also used for asphalt stock cars and Oval track race car bodies as our exploding peel rivets provide quick, easy and very durable fastening..

Exploding Peel Rivet features:1)This 3/16″ rivet fills over-sized holes up to 1/4″. 2) No back -up washer needed. 3) Large back side footprint pulls and holds application materials tight. 4) 1,000 pounds clamping power pulls multiple application layers tightly together5) Made of high strength, high alloy aluminum for long lasting results. 6) New technology, “One size fastens all” with our XXL length grips from 1/8″ up to 5/8″ thick materials. 7) Exploding Peel action begins pulling from rivets extreme backside length assuring multiple layers of application will be pulled tightly together forming a solid, durable joint. 8) Easy “push-out” nail option when rivet needs to be removed, allows for easy “aluminum only” drill-out. 9) Completely fills holes forming a solid, durable joint. Unlike other brands of exploding or tri-fold rivets, which typically leave 33% of the applications hole void of any fastening contact, not a durable condition. 10) Made in USA of high alloy, high strength materials.

For three other rivet type descriptions, their respective design intent, Pros and Cons, and their unique features. Compare “Conventional”, “Exploding, peel or Split rivets” and “ULTIMATE” multi grip rivets. OR  Scroll down for Exploding Peel Rivet features and selection guide. You can also visit our on line store for buying options.

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NOTE: Application hole size should be made with either a #3 drill or 7/32″ drill to produce a starting hole between 0.213 to 0.220 inches. OR by making an over-sized hole with a 3/16″ drill bit, which is often the result when drilling out old rivets.

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You won’t  find another rivet manufacturer who serves the racing industry by being a part of it and running it’s own car. Our #52 Mini-stock Mustang is assembled utilizing Ultimate Rivets. Our Race Team is in the pits every week talking with other teams, and listening to their rivet and tool problems. We’ve gained valuable knowledge and continue to: Design, Manufacture, and distribute products to better serve the racing community.