Rivet-Mates two piece mate rivets, made in USA

Our Rivet-Mates two piece mate rivet are equivalent fasteners to Cherry-mate rivets. Unlike other brands, our Rivet-Mates two piece mate rivets are 100% made in USA from certified aluminum and steel alloy materials. The performance of these two piece mating rivets rely on the manufacturer using high quality raw materials. Reviews of “other” brands revealed little documentation of the raw materials. Other brands also tend to substitute components, which are not designed, or tested to be “mating” rivets. These circumstances could lead to premature durability issues.

None of those issues will be realized when utilizing our two piece mate rivet as we manufacture and test our products as two piece mate rivets. The aDP Rivet Rivet-Mates two piece mate rivets are non-marring and offer a tamper resistant finished appearance
on both sides of the application. Rivet-Mates two piece mate rivets are available three material combinations: all Aluminum materials, Aluminum with Steel material mating rivets. and all steel components. Also called Cherry-mates, mate rivets or sign rivets, they all require two components, a unique blind rivet and a unique tubular rivet. Rivet-Mates two piece mate rivets are great where ever tamper resistance is desired. Rivet-Mates two piece mate rivets are often used to fasten Highway signs,
construction signs, and Street Traffic signs because they are tamper resistant. Once set in place these Rivet-mates securely fasten the application and would have to be drilled out. BUY these two piece mating rivet fasteners directly from this manufacturers on line store. Applications include Municipal signs, stadium seating, expanding seating, and plastic or PVC fencing. Rivet-Mates two piece mate rivets are often used for security cabinets, mail boxes, and lockers due to their tamper resistant design. Rivet-Mates two piece mating rivets provide a smooth finish for livestock pens, trailers, and fences. Rivet-Mates two piece mate rivets are often used for fastening soft materials because they don’t damage the finished surfaces. Watch Rivet-Mate “how to” video. Rivet Mates two piece mate rivets are capable of fastening multiple components up to two inches thick. Consists of a male blind rivet and a female semi-tubular rivet, which are designed to by utilized as a mating pair. Rivet Mates, two piece mate rivets are used in applications where you have access to both sides. You can control the tension of the fastener which is good for plastic assembly and hinge points where you need strength, but allows the assembly to move. Available in 3/16″ and 1/4″ diameters and application grip ranges from 3/4″ to just over 2″.

  • Reliable, vibration, tamper resistant joint that won’t torque out or loosen like threaded products.
  • Rivet-Mates two piece mate rivets eliminate marring the application’s surface.
  • Non-Critical hole size allows for easier application preparation & drilling methods.
  • Utilizes standard, hand held, or power rivet tools for easy fastening.

Rivet mates two piece mate rivetsAll aluminum Rivet Mate two piece mate rivet sizes: 1/4″ diameter Mate matched with 3/16″ diameter Rivet. Size selection with aDP part # and application thickness.

Aluminum with STEEL nail. Aluminum rivet body assembled with steel nail provides enhanced clamping when set in aluminum Mate.  Rivet Mate, two piece mate rivet sizes of 1/4″ diameter Mate matched with 3/16″ diameter Rivet. Size selection with aDP part # and application thickness.

If your application requires a length you don’t see listed, contact us as custom lengths may be available, and/or manufactured specifically to solve your fastening situation. Rivet-Mates may also be painted, or anodized for color matching and weather resistance.  When dealing with the actual manufacturer as aDP Rivet is, you can discuss custom requirements and finishes. When reviewing other sources for two piece mating rivets, custom capabilities are seldom an option. When considering two piece mate rivets you must have access to both sides of the application to allow each of the two components to be inserted and applied.

Part length and grip range in decimal inches

Custom sizes of our Rivet-mates two piece mate rivets may be available and or made to customers requirements

Our 3/16″ diameter list of part sizes and application thickness, or “grip range”.

  • Part #612    Grips .625 to .750
  • Part# 614    Grips .687 to .875
  • Part# 617    Grips .875 to 1.063
  • Part# 620    Grips 1.062 to 1.250

Our 1/4″ diameter list of part sizes and application thickness, or “grip range”.

  • Part#812 Grips .625 to .750
  • Part#814 Grips .687 to .875
  • Part#818 Grips .875 to 1.125
  • Part#822 Grips 1.125 to 1.375
  • Part#826 Grips 1.375 to 1.625
  • Part#830 Grips 1.625 to 1.875
  • Part#834 Grips 1.825 to 2.125

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