Ultimate Multi-grip rivets, painted colored rivets made in USApink rivets

Our Ultimate Multi-grip rivets are enhanced to provide the latest technology features. They are very easy to use. Don’t require back up washers. Can fill over-sized holes up to 1/4″. They can fasten just about any material or application and hold tight for years! We call our Ultimate Multi-grip rivets the “Ultimate” because they provide user-friendly features and fail-proof performance. These Ultimate Multi-grip rivets are a low-cost fastener and are 100% made in USA. These all-purpose rivets provides users with one size rivet for all applications from paper thin to 5/8″. These Ultimate Multi-grip rivets can rivet plastic, carbon fiber, and Lexan windshields; fiberglass, sheet metals, and tubular steel construction; and are most popular for fastening motor sports frames. Ultimate Multi-grip rivets are currently being used in many industries including on- and off-road vehicles, sign builders, truck and trailer assembly and repair; and are widely used to assemble industrial products, carbon fiber music cases, custom cases, watercraft, snowmobiles and sleds. Ultimate Multi-grip rivets form a large secondary (blind side) footprint, and swell out to completely fill over-sized holes. These two performance features provide outstanding joint fastening ability for durable results. These Ultimate Multi-grip rivets are available in both 1/8″ & 3/16″ diameters and small, medium, and large head sizes. We have over a dozen COLORS in stock. Ask for aDP Rivet’s exclusive “one size rivets all” multi-grip rivet.  These Ultimate Multi-grip rivets offer dramatic inventory reduction options and the simplicity of having just one multi-grip rivet to fasten all your needs.

The Top 10 Advantages realized when using our Ultimate Multi-grip rivets.

1 Ultimate Multi-grip rivets work in over-sized holes by swelling out to fill hole creating a solid joint. Our 1/8″ rivets fill up to 5/32″ holes and our  3/16″ rivets up to 1/4″ holes. Hole size is NOT critical. “You simply can’t make this rivet fail,” (Gary Oliver, award winning car builder).
2 Ultimate Multi-grip rivets work in many materials and can be installed with any rivet setting tool. Aluminum, acrylic, composites, fiberglass, Lexan, steel, sheet metal, paper, Plexi-glass, rubber, plastic, etc.
3 NO back up washer needed.DSC_8864 web Our Ultimate Multi-grip rivets swell to form their own layers of washers on the back side. Watch Lori making repairs in the pits on race day  
4 Clamps and holds TIGHT, you can’t make this rivet fail! Ultimate Multi-grip rivets clamp and hold tight from paper thin to 5/8″ thick materials. Holds tight even after months of rough road miles!
5 Ultimate Multi-grip rivets are Safer with no sharp edges or nails sticking out Our nail will never stick out and our rounded back-side is smooth. Won’t cut fingers or snag rags like “exploding” rivets often do!
6 Ultimate Multi-grip rivets are easy to drill-out as you only drill aluminum. Only drill-out the aluminum rivet body, and never the nail. Stop struggling trying to drill “exploding” rivet nails.
7 Works better & costs less than exploding or tri-fold rivets. Our Ultimate Multi-grip rivet products offer considerable savings and simplicity.
8 We manufacture 100% of our Ultimate Multi-grip rivets and stock many sizes and colors.
We stock both 1/8″ and 3/16″  rivets in all three head sizes, and have the most colors you’ll find anywhere. 
9 Our exclusive Ultimate Multi-grip rivets provide a “one size fits all option” with our XXL length, which can replace up to 6 conventional rivet sizes! Our XXL length rivet grips from 1/16″ up to 5/8″ thick materials. 
10 Ultimate Multi-grip rivets are easy to use and provide a smooth, sealed finish. Our Easy Enter (pointed) nail head and smooth backside form won’t collect dirt, snag rags, cut fingers or tires like “exploders” can. 

aDP Rivets are available with the Easy Enter nail head design. This pointed nail head design enhances insertion of the rivet into the application hole and aids in the alignment of multiple layered holes. This feature offers time saving opportunities and is available from us in any of our products.