Colored rivets, aluminum rivet with steel nail

Colored rivets made with aluminum painted rivet body, then assembled with steel nail. These colored rivets are made from domestic high alloy aluminum and steel grade materials. Scroll down for colored rivet photos and buying options for our conventional, colored rivets. Available in 1/8”, 5/32″, 3/16” and 1/4″ diameters with aluminum rivet body with steel nail = ABS part numbers. Widely used to fasten sheet metal panels to tubular or squared frames such as in the recreational, transportation and construction industries. Colored rivets are utilized in countless applications where a painted, aesthetically pleasing finish is desired. This page may also list our mill finish, (silver) aluminum rivets with steel nail. For rivet descriptions, their respective design intent, Pros / Cons, and their unique features, visit our “How to use blind rivets” page. For our all aluminum colored rivets, visit our painted rivets page and you’ll find the largest selection of painted, colored all aluminum rivets. Remember, aDP Rivet is one of the few US rivet manufacturers who actually makes and stocks colored rivets.

Part number reference aluminum steel Click link for part number cross reference guide.

AD66BSLF Large Flange Black Rivets


ABS66L Large head BLACK Aluminum & Steel 3/16″ diameter rivets. Sold in quantities of 250 pieces. Click on picture for more information and to select quantity. Made in USA.