STAS617AC Aluminum-Steel 3/16″ diameter 2-piece rivet mates. For sale in our online store. Click on the image for more information as well as quantity options. Made in USA


STAS617AC Aluminum-Steel 3/16″ Diameter 2-piece Rivetmates

Female side is Aluminum 3/16″ diameter and the Male side (Blind Rivet) is 1/8″ Diameter Aluminum body with Steel nail. Both have a 3/8″ head diameter

  • Reliable, vibration, tamper resistant joint that won’t torque out or un-thread like threaded products.
  • Rivet-Mates, two piece mate rivets eliminate marring the application’s surface.
  • Non-Critical hole size allows for easier application preparation & drilling methods.
  • Utilizes standard, hand held, or power rivet tools for easy fastening.

Premium quality Aluminum is cold headed (formed) to form the Female side. The Male Side is a blind rivet that has a Aluminum body with a Steel nail for enhanced grip strength

Hole Size: 1/4″ Drill for a .250″ diameter hole

Grip Range: 7/8″ – 1 & 1/16″ or .875″ – 1.062″

Made in USA

Additional information

Weight 0.7 oz

Rivets per Bag/Box

100, 1000, 250



Head Diameter