STA617AC All-Aluminum 3/16″ diameter 2-piece rivet mates. For sale in our online store. Click on the image for more information as well as quantity options. Made in USA


STA617AC All-Aluminum 3/16″ Diameter 2-piece Rivet mates

Female side is Aluminum 3/16″ diameter and the Male side (Blind Rivet) is 1/8″ Diameter Aluminum body with Aluminum nail. Both have a 3/8″ head diameter

  • Reliable, vibration, tamper resistant joint that won’t torque out or un-thread like threaded products.
  • Rivet-Mates, two piece mate rivets eliminate marring the application’s surface.
  • Non-Critical hole size allows for easier application preparation & drilling methods.
  • Utilizes standard, hand held, or power rivet tools for easy fastening.

Premium quality Aluminum is cold headed (formed) to form the Female side. The Male Side is an aircraft quality blind rivet that has an Aluminum body paired with an Aluminum nail

Hole Size: 1/4″ Drill for a .250″ diameter hole

Grip Range: 7/8″ – 1 & 1/16″ or .875″ – 1.062″

Made in USA

Additional information

Weight 0.7 oz

Rivets per Bag/Box

100, 1000, 250



Grip Range

.87 to 1.06

Head Diameter