SBS43 Steel Blind Rivets


SBS43 All Steel open end blind rivets. Made in USA. Sold in quantities of 100, 500, and 1,000 pieces. Click on the picture for more information as well as to choose quantity

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SBS43 Steel Blind Rivets with a 1/8″ rivet body diameter and low profile dome 1/4″ head diameter. These SBS43 steel blind rivets are designed to be inserted into applications with a hole size between 0.128 to 0.133 inches. You can achieve this somewhat critical hole size by using a #30 drill bit and drilling a straight hole. When using blind rivets it is recommended the application hole size be as accurate as possible so the rivet can perform to it’s design intent. If the hole is over-sized or oblong there is a possibility the rivets pulling mandrel head will not meet enough resistance to create the “pop” noise when it breaks at it’s predetermined location. If your application’s hole sizes are over-sized or oblong you may be able to solve this by using rivet back-up washers, which have the correct hole size. In order to use a back-up washer you must have access to the back or blind side of the application in order to slip the washer over the exposed rivet.

1/8″ diameter rivet body with dome (Small head) 1/4″ head diameter. Rivet body is (formed) from solid steel and assembled with coated steel nail.

Application hole size = #30 drill size for 0.129 to 0.133 hole diameter.

Application components total thickness range (Grip Range) = 0.126 – 0.187 INCHES for a #43 SIZE

Steel rivets are commonly utilized for fastening other steel components together, which avoids galvanic corrosion (when dissimilar metals contact each other). Steel rivets are used in the building industry for fastening roofing, flashing, splash guards, gutters. Also used in the food industry, commercial and residential building industry and widely used in all types of consumer products.

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Weight 2.8 oz

Rivets per Bag/Box

100, 1000, 500



Grip Range

.12 to .19

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