CBS42 Copper blind rivets 1/8×1/8


CBS42 1/8″ diameter copper/steel Small/Dome head open end blind rivets. Made in USA by aDP Rivet. Click on the image for more information, specifications, and to select quantity


CBS42 Copper Blind Rivets 1/8″x1/8″

CBS42 Copper blind rivets, 1/8″ diameter with 1/8″ material grip, assembled with a coated steel nail. These copper blind rivets have a low profile dome (1/4″) head size diameter.

Part# CBS42 / CD42BS Grip Range: .020 – .125 application material thickness

Hole Size: 0.129 – 0.133 hole diameter use drill bit size drill # 30

CBS42 copper blind rivets are made in USA from certified copper and steel materials. Made from certified copper alloy solid wire these CBS42 copper blind rivets are formed, tested and assembled with the high allow steel nail. As a domestic manufacturer, these copper rivets are manufactured within our expansive New England facility in USA. By using certified raw materials we are able to assure fit, functional performance as well as chemical composition of the raw materials. Lot trace ability, certificate of manufacturing and raw material certification are all available, (minimal fees may be required) as we are the direct manufacturer.CBS42-1.jpg

Applications for CBS copper blind rivets can range from custom jewelry to home and industrial appliances. The building products industry utilizes copper pop rivets to fasten roofing materials, decorative structures, architectural and facade assemblies. The food industry also utilizes copper rivets for various display fixtures, exhaust hoods, appliance and for appealing cosmetic appearance. CBS42 Copper blind rivets are often utilized for riveting copper flashing and related architectural products on clay tile roofs. Clay roofs are very popular on homes and retail stores in the southern states. Often called the United States Sun Belt, clay tile roofs are considered the high end product for long life and optimum durability. Once “set” by utilizing any hand or powered blind rivet setting tool. These rivets will hold tight for many years. One of the advantages of using copper blind rivets is they are considered permanent, corrosion resistant fasteners. If the application is a marine or high humidity situation. You may wish to use a copper blind rivet which is assembled with a brass alloy nail. The copper and brass material combination will offer superior corrosion resistance. As the manufacturer, we offer both families of products.

Galvanic corrosion should always be a concern when designing or riveting applications together. Galvanic corrosion problems should be solved by designing to avoid these problems in the first place. One of the basic solutions is to avoid dissimilar materials or metals being used to fasten or rivet the application together. If you are fastening copper sheets or panels to an aluminum or steel frame, then use copper blind rivets to fasten the copper sheets to the aluminum or steel frame. By keeping the basic materials similar, copper, at the very least you are avoiding introducing more dissimilar metals, which can lead to premature or galvanic corrosion. By using any of our copper blind rivets, in this case our CBS42 copper blind rivets you can accomplish the goal of copper components on the finish or viewable side of your application. In addition to keeping with the similar base metals, by introducing coatings to the components, in this case your aluminum or steel frame. You are enhancing the resistance to galvanic corrosion due to the paint acting as an insulator between what ever it’s fastening. If you aluminum panels or sheets are also coated with a non-metallic paint it can act as an additional insulator layer. Copper is naturally corrosion resistant and can remain bright if buffed and sealed. These CBS copper blind rivets will provide your application with good looking fasteners, however, if you want even more corrosion resistance buy our CBB42, which is the same copper rivet body with a BRASS pulling mandrel rather than a coated steel mandrel.

Additional information

Weight 0.33 oz

Rivets per Bag/Box

100, 1000, 500



Grip Range

.06 to .12

Head Diameter


Rivet Type

Copper with Steel Head

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