ABS810 Small/Dome head 1/4″ diameter rivets. Sold in quantities of 100, 500, & 1,000 pieces. Click on picture for more information and to select quantity. Made in USA. Silver/Mill finish


ABS810 Silver (mill finish) 1/4″ diameter open-end blind rivets. Small/Dome head
Premium aircraft quality Aluminum rivet body assembled with a coated STEEL nail

fastening material thickness (Grip) ranges from 1/2″ to 5/8″ or .500″ – .625″

SMALL (DOME) head size about 1/2″ diameter head for EXTRA surface contact when fastening large components.

Rivet nail = carbon steel

Important Drill size (Hole size): #F for 0.257 to 0.261 hole diameter

Made in USA

Proud to offer American Made Products

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Weight 1.8 oz