ABA64 Silver Aluminum Rivets 3/16″ x 1/4″

These ABA64 Silver aluminum rivets are made in USA by aDP Rivet. 3/16″ Diameter with Regular 0.375 (3/8″), or LARGE (5/8″, 0.625) head size All-Aluminum open end blind rivets. Rivet body is cold headed (formed) from solid aircraft grade high alloy aluminum wire, processed and then assembled with their mating aluminum nail. These ABA64 silver aluminum rivets are part of our open end blind rivets product family. As the manufacturer, the entire process takes place in Connecticut assuring the optimum performance of our products and superior quality. The ABA64 silver aluminum rivets body is cold headed (formed) from solid aircraft grade high alloy aluminum wire, not some mystery stuff from China. Then processed through all the fit and functional testing to assure it will fit and function as design intended. The ABA64 silver aluminum rivets are then assembled with it’s matching high alloy aluminum nail to complete the product. Our ABA64 silver aluminum rivets are made within our expansive facility here in the United States. We utilize high alloy aluminum with lot tracking traceability, manufacturing and offer material certification as well as manufacturers certificate of conformance. Our quality is superb due to our extensive in process testing and we offer thousands of customer feedback comments as proof. Our customer approval rating has been 100% for many years. Our customers utilize our products to fasten a countless assortment of projects, from recreational products to high speed race cars.ABA64L-1.jpg

Our ABA64 silver aluminum rivets, often referred to as pop or open end blind rivets are designed to be used in the following application conditions: 1) Hole Size: #11 drill size for 0.192 to 0.196 hole diameter     2)Grip range 1/8″ to 1/4″) = 0.125″ to 0.250″ for a #64 SIZE. The “Grip range” is the total thickness of the application materials to be fastened by the rivet. Our ABA64 silver aluminum rivets will perform best when used in the above conditions. If your application conditions are not exactly as above, don’t worry too much as our rivets are designed to allow for slightly less than optimum application conditions. We also can provide our Ultimate Multi-Grip family of rivets, which have additional features to allow applications to vary well beyond the above suggestions and still perform. Over-sized hole is no problem, Grip range varies below the recommended minimum is also not a problem for our Ultimate Multi-Grip rivets. These ABA64 silver aluminum rivets have a plain mill finish without any additional coatings such as paint or anodizing. They can be used to fasten a huge variety of applications and the finish can be buffed to a high luster shine if preferred. Galvanic corrosion should always be a concern when designing or riveting applications together. Galvanic corrosion problems should be solved by designing to avoid these problems in the first place. One of the basic solutions is to avoid dissimilar materials or metals being used to fasten or rivet the application together. If you are fastening aluminum sheets or panels to an aluminum frame, then use aluminum rivets to fasten the aluminum sheets to the aluminum frame. By keeping the basic materials the same, all aluminum, at the very least you are avoiding introducing dissimilar metals, which can lead to premature or galvanic corrosion. By using any of our all aluminum rivets, in this case our ABA64 silver aluminum rivets you can accomplish the goal of all aluminum components. In addition to keeping with the same base metals, by introducing coatings to the components, in this case our ABA64 silver aluminum rivets can also finished with a durable epoxy based painted finish. You are enhancing the resistance to galvanic corrosion due to the paint acting as an insulator between what ever it’s fastening. If you aluminum panels or sheets are also coated with a non-metallic paint it can act as an additional insulator layer.



Additional information

Weight 0.2 oz

Silver, White, Black, Blue, Red, Gray, Dark Brown, Yellow

Grip Range

1/8 to 1/4

Length of Body




Head Diameter

3/8, 5/8

Rivets per Bag/Box

100, 250, 1000