Countersunk Rivets with 120 degree flush head design.

Countersunk rivets is one of the most popular fasteners used to hold things together. The aircraft industry as well as many consumer and industrial applications utilize countersunk rivets are part of the open end blind rivet family. The reason is simple, once set in place they can provide a flush surface on the finish or visual side of the application. This is an important feature for aircraft wings as well as many industrial applications. The most common degree of the countersunk is 120 degrees. This is an important feature when designing the application holes as they must also have 120 degree countersunk in the finished side of the application so the rivets will sit flush when inserted and set.

Countersunk blind rivets provide users the ability to fasten application with access to only one side. Thus the term “blind” refers to the back side or side of the application which can’t be seen or accessed. You can use countersunk blind rivets in applications where the back side is visible as well. Countersunk blind rivets are usually the lowest costs fastener. They are easy to use and install faster when compared to threaded type fasteners. Another important feature is they provide consistent, reliable fastening without highly skilled human interaction. Countersunk blind rivets will work consistently to hold things together without marring the surface. Since there are no threads or need to tighten, they can’t be loosened up by unauthorized people. You can find helpful design guide information by visiting their Comparison Guide. For the ultimate rivet, try this manufacturers line of Ultimate multi-grip rivets. They offer a 1/8″, 5/32″ and 3/16″ diameters with an assortment of lengths and head sizes. These Ultimate multi-grip rivets, yes countersunk rivets with multigrip design, provide exceptional clamping strength capable of pulling multiple sheets tightly together.

We offer epoxy painted colors and custom color opportunities for customers with specific color match desires. Imagine having flush head design countersunk rivets the same color finish as your application. The countersunk rivets will blend into the overall finish and won’t stick out like other fasteners often do. Also referred to as flush head design, countersunk rivets do require a matching 120 degree countersunk in the applications finish side of the application. This will allow the countersunk rivets to sit down into the application and when set they will be flush with the surface.

Rivet manufacturers in the United States of America are worth considering. Their products typically provide enhanced design features and performance. Be sure to review rivet manufacturers before you buy. There are many reasons to consider made in America products. You will find domestic rivet manufacturers not only provide made in America rivets. They produce more robust products with enhanced performance features. Rivets, like many other fasteners are often overlooked when designing products. Design engineers often complete their product designs, then search for the fasteners needed to hold their new design together. The result could be choosing a “me too old technology” fastener without regard for the performance and durability features. This rivet manufacturer, aDP Rivet, continues to introduce improved technology rivets by tweaking designs to match current applications. Sheet metal is widely used in the motor sports and transportation industry. Their Ultimate multi-grip rivets have proven to resist vibration an the typical metal flexing common to vehicles. Countersunk rivets provide a neat and flush surface finish, which is desirable for air flow dynamics. There are numerous methods to fasten the sheets onto the vehicle frame and countersunk rivets is one of many methods. Countersunk rivets can be installed in seconds and provide consistent and reliable results independent of the operator skill.

Recreational vehicles are products which utilize countersunk blind rivets. The finished vehicles are run on roads or off road travel. A very common fatiguing issue begins called “metal working”. Metal Working is the movement, and flexing of metals while the vehicle experiences the typical bumps of rolling on roads or off road surfaces. The metal flexing is not limited to where fasteners are holding, it occurs in numerous unsupported areas or stress points. The result of Metal Working is loosening fasteners and/or cracks, seams in the sheet metal. This rivet manufacturers products have proven to solve this premature failure. Their ultimate multi-grip rivets have a long history of superior performance and durability in the harshest on and off road vehicles. Multigrip blind rivets are a wonderful fastener to use when you want superior strength and a flush application finish. There are very few manufacturers who can provide painted, colored countersunk multigrip blind rivets.

aDP Rivet can be considered the epicenter for rivet enhancements. They introduced a series of newer technology, Ultimate multigrip Rivets. This rivet manufacturers design improvements has lead to a new family of American manufactured Multi Grip rivets. These Ultimate multi-grip Rivets provide over a dozen advantages when compared to conventional, and other multi grip rivets. This manufacturer has accomplished a four way swelling action, (North to South as well as East to West). This four way swelling provides tight clamping of the application components and a fully filled application hole. They offer a how to use blind rivets guide with pros and cons and do’s an don’t for four types of rivets. This guide can be very helpful in selecting the type of rivet as well as suggestions for the installation considerations.

There are other rivet suppliers, or manufacturers who publish the need for accurate application hole sizes. They do this because their rivets may not work right if they are put into applications where the hole size is the thickness of a human hair too big. Yes, the blueprint specifications do spell out accurate hole sizes with little if any tolerance. In fact, for a conventional 1/8″ pop type rivet the application hole size specification is 0.129 to 0.133 inches. That’s a total of 0.004 thousands of an inch which is about the size of a single human hair. Imagine buying rivets from someone other than aDP Rivet and you ask them why their rivets pull through and leave you with a sharp nail sticking out. Then they tell you your application hole size must be a little too big, over-sized, and they won’t refund your money. Now tell me how many of you have drilled a hole perfectly, without any wandering of the while you’re drilling the hole. I’d say very few humans drill perfect holes and more often the result is a slightly oval or over-sized hole. You’ll have none of these problems when using aDP’s ultimate multigrip rivets. In fact, they even provide demonstrations of how well their rivets perform in 1/8″ over-sized holes. You can bet there’s too many to count human hairs in an 1/8″, (0.125), and their ultimate multigrip rivets work perfectly. This is one of the few, if only rivet manufacturers you’ll come across who guarantees their ultimate multigrip rivets will never leave an exposed nail sticking out. Just take a peek at their thousands of five star customer approval comments via their customer feedback page. With over 3000 customer feedback comments logged by an independent rating system. This countersunk rivet manufacturer continues to achieve outstanding customer loyalty based on their 100% approval ratings.