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Golf cart rivetsGolf cart rivets 2Golf cart rivets direct from US factory

Golf cart rivets painted colors and made in USA. There are numerous advantages realized when using high quality rivets to hold together golf cart parts. For one, they won’t come loose like threaded fasteners often due when subjected to riding on uneven surfaces. We all know half the fun of golf cart rivets 3golfing is driving the golf cart. With all the uneven surfaces on the typical golf course it can be a stressful situation for the fasteners used to hold the golf cart together. The Golf cart rivets usually hold fiberglass fenders, bumpers and other golf cart parts together. Fiberglass and composite panels offer many advantages. For one, they’re light, yet strong enough to withstand turf bumps and golf cart activity. A common issue with fiberglass is: How to fasten it to metal? If the fastener is too tight, the fiberglass may crack. If the fastener is too loose, the fiberglass with flex and work itself loose and may also cause cracking. When using expanding peel rivets, especially aDP’s exploding peel rivets, their backside clamping method expands 90% wider than conventional rivets thus providing much more holding power to an expanded surface area.

When building, restoring, converting or repairing carts golf cart rivets are often used as they are quick, easy to use, and provide secure clamp and holding power. Be aware there may be a condition where less than optimal rivets are used on the cart. When this occurs the rivets poor and/or inconsistent quality, may fail and cause the golf cart parts to loosen up or crack and fail prematurely. Look for high quality rivets and a good starting place is reviewing the manufacturer’s customer comments. There is one US manufacturer who offers their customer feedback for public viewing. They have logged over 3,250 independent customer reviews. These independent reviews have consistently awarded aDP Rivet a 100% ranking for customer approval recommendations. 

With aDP’s Ultimate golf cart Rivets their unique bi-directional swelling and clamping action provides the ultimate joint strength. Even when used in one of the roughest applications, golf cart adventures where flexing and vibration are commonplace. Golf carts are subjected to numerous driving styles as each golfer has their own and the wear and tear of the golf cart is usually the last thing a golfer is worried about.

Reviewing the colored rivet options one of your concerns may be the durability of the painted finish. Simply put, will the paint stay on the rivet? What should you expect of the rivets painted surface? Consider like products performance vis-a-vis your car, home appliances, aluminum or steel sheet metal furniture. Many of these products have colored, pained finishes and the finish is expected to stay on the product. Golf cart rivets are no different than the rivets holding your outdoor furniture together. The painted finish is expected to look good for the life of the product.Snowmobile tunnel rivets

Considering the method of applying the paint and selected color to the gold cart rivets may be an important consideration. This US manufacturer has over 30 years experience and utilizes a unique epoxy blended primer as the base for it’s blended paint. The result is a color match finish, which is durable as well as visually appealing. After all, your golf cart rivets should look as good as the rest of the golf cart.

When considering other rivet suppliers, importers or manufacturers, will publish the need for accurate application hole sizes. Some even write articles for industry magazines with elaborate descriptions of why rivets fail. They go to great lengths attempting to dismiss their inferior, old technology rivets by casting blame on you, the end user. They do this because their rivets most likely are faulty an will not work right if they are put into applications where the hole size is the thickness of a human hair too big. Yes, the blueprint specifications do spell out accurate hole sizes with little if any tolerance. In fact, for a conventional 3/16″ pop type rivet the application hole size specification is 0.192 to 0.196 inches. That’s a total of 0.004 thousands of an inch which is about the size of a single human hair. Imagine buying rivets from someone other than aDP Rivet and you ask them why their rivets pull through and leave you with a sharp nail sticking out. Then they tell you your application hole size must be a little too big, over-sized, and they won’t refund your money. Now tell me how many of you have drilled a hole perfectly, without any wandering of the while you’re drilling the hole. I’d say very few humans drill perfect holes and more often the result is a slightly oval or over-sized hole. You’ll have none of these problems when using aDP Rivet five star performance rivets. In fact, aDP Rivet stocks a huge selection of five star performance golf cart rivets painted colors. They will fill oblong holes and they even provide demonstrations of how well their rivets perform in 1/8″ over-sized holes. You can bet there’s too many to count human hairs in an 1/8″, (0.125), and their ultimate multigrip rivets work perfectly. This is one of the few, if only rivet manufacturers you’ll come across who guarantees their ultimate multigrip five star performance rivets will never leave an exposed nail sticking out. Just take a look at their thousands of five star customer approval comments via their customer feedback page. With painted blind rivets commonly purchased and used we’re sure you’ll find plenty of 100% customer approvals on their site. Painted blind rivets are especially pleasing when considering how well they blend into the application appearance.


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  1. evan says:

    I went to buy some gold cart rivets, but cannot find them listed as such on the aDP site: what are they called? thank you.

    • admin says:

      there are a few mouse hot spots in the article, just move the mouse over the words which are highlighted and click. You can also go to our store.adprivet and click on ultimate multigrip rivets for all the colors available.

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